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And The Winner Isn't
‘And The Winner’ Isn’t is a satirical documentary charting Geoffrey Moore and his daughter Ambra’s journey through Hollywood, as the pair track down celebrities and industry insiders in their bid to find out what it takes to become an Academy Award winner.Learn More
Alex & Eve
‘Alex & Eve’ follows a Greek Orthodox school teacher, Alex (Richard Brancatisano) who falls for Lebanese Muslim lawyer, Eve (Andrea Demetriades). The relationship is forbidden by both families creating the emotional and comical dilemma of ‘Alex and Eve’. Learn More
Monday at 11:01 A.M.
‘Monday At 11:01 A.M.’ is a suspense thriller starring Charles Agron as Michael and Lauren Shaw as Jenny, a young couple who find themselves in a beautiful yet eerie mountain town where everyone seems strangely familiar.Learn More
Dark House
‘Dark House’ tells the story of Nick Di Santo, who is tormented by his ability to touch someone and see exactly how they will die. On his 23rd birthday, Nick is summoned by his mother (Down) to the asylum where she has been institutionalized since his childhood.Learn More